How To Get Yourself A College Girl

Learning how to get yourself a college girl seems like a breeze. In college you are surrounded by many women and honestly do not know where to turn your head since they are everywhere, in class, in dorm rooms and in extracurricular activities. It does not take a lot to get a college girl, as the opportunities are right in your face to get the woman you want.

  1. Introduce yourself. The first step to get yourself a college girl is approach her and try to get to know her a little. This works best especially you share the same class, or see a attractive person that catches your eye in places like the library, bookstore or sitting alone reading a book. Look friendly, smile, and stay relaxed to ease any nerves you have.
  2. Ask your college friends. If you are a little shy and have a hard time approaching women, talk to your friends and inquire if they know any single women that wants to date. More than likely, they will introduce you to someone to hookup with and setup on a date. If all goes well between you and your date, then take it to the next level. If not, keep your pride intact and move on to the next girl. This can also make you become more relaxed dating in college and more comfortable with each woman.
  3. Join club/organizations. It is easy to find a college girl when you participate in clubs because you both have the same interests. It is a great jump start to a conversation as you both have something in common. This gives a big opportunity to hang out with her outside of school activities and get to know her on a personal level.



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