How To Get Zombie Mode On Call Of Duty 5

If you're trying to find out how to get zombie mode on "Call of Duty 5," then this simple "Call of Duty 5" guide will help you in achieving this fun mode of gameplay. Also known as "Call of Duty: World At War," "Call of Duty 5" has many entertaining unlockable cheats and secrets but perhaps one of the most interesting of them all is the game's zombie mode. The special Nazi Zombies mode in "Call of Duty 5" is one of the hot commodities that is not available to you right off the bat when you start the game, a big part of it requires to you complete at least one single player campaign first.

Things you'll need to get on zombie mode on Call of Duty 5:

  • "Call of Duty: World At War" video game.
  • PS3, Nintendo DS, PC, Nintendo Wii, or Xbox 360 gaming console.
  1. Beat "Call of Duty 5" on any difficulty level. The first requirement in unlocking zombie mode is to complete the entire game under any difficulty setting that you desire. Be it Easy, Medium, or Hard, you must successfully complete the single player campaign of "Call of Duty 5" in all of its entirety before proceeding.
  2. Sit through the ending credits and wait for the confirmation. After you have successfully completed the entire single player campaign for "Call of Duty 5," the next thing you must do is just simply wait it out during the end-game credits. Following this, the game will announce to you that you have now unlocked the Zombie Mode (aka Nazi Zombies).
  3. Begin Playing Nazi Zombies mode in the Game. Once you have played through the whole single player campaign and have waited through the end-game credits for the prompt, then all you must do is go to the game's Mission Select area and look for a level named "Nacht der Untoten" (i.e. 'Night of the Undead' in English), which is the initial game that first becomes available in Nazi Zombies mode in "Call of Duty 5."
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