How To Give An Amazing Asian Massage

Learning how to give an amazing Asian massage can help rekindle a lacking romance in a relationship and help promote seduction and closeness between both partners. An Asian massage is a fairly simplistic take on a typical massage that is slightly more involved and tentative to the recipient. Whether the massage is meant to simply relax a man after a hard day of work, or to help get a woman's juices flowing prior to sex; the Asian massage is a viable technique to accommodate both instances.

  1. Start gentle, teasing slightly. When the massage begins, start gentle, running your fingertips over various areas of your partner's body. After exploring her body with gentle touches, transition into the rubbing and squeezing motions that are generally related to massages.
  2. Focus on areas where tension is prevalent. In looking how to give an amazing Asian massage, pay attention to areas that feel tense and tight. These types of areas are obviously areas in which the muscles are tight and wrapped around each other as a result of stress. When reaching one of these areas, use various techniques to gently work out the kinks without causing too much pain. As the kinks begin to get worked out, the feeling of looseness that follows will supply an extremely pleasing feeling to your partner.
  3. Read your partner's responses to specific areas. Pay close attention to your partner's responses as you use certain rubbing techniques over certain areas. If you notice that she responds exceptionally strongly to something, do it a few more times to make the experience as pleasurable as possible.
  4. End the massage in an area of sensitivity, such as the head or feet. When learning how to give an amazing Asian massage, one of the best things to do is end on an emphasized high note. Spend the last few minutes of the massage in a place where there is heightened sensitivity, such as the feet or head.
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