How To Give An Asian Foot Massage

Learning how to give an Asian foot massage can open up a number of opportunities for you. You can make someone's day by helping them relax with an Asian foot massage. Asian foot massages are different from typical foot massages because they are focused around different pressure points and even include the legs as well. Here are some great tips to deliver a perfect Asian foot massage.

To give an Asian foot massage, you will need:

  • Bath salts
  • Lotion
  1. Start by soaking the feet in some warm bath-salted water. Let the feet soak for about five minutes before you begin your foot massage. Dry the feet off with a soft towel, so that when you apply lotion, the lotion stays on.
  2. Get a bottle of lotion and pour an ample amount on your hands. You can then massage the lotion onto each leg. Spend about two to three minutes on each leg by starting at the ankle and going up just a little past the knee. You'll want to focus on the calf muscle, which is where most people have the most tension. At this point you can move on to the foot and stay focused on the foot area.
  3. Start using deep strokes and use both hands. You can place your fingers on the bottoms and your thumbs on the tops of the foot. Then, firmly slide your fingers and thumbs between the tendons of the toes and ankles. Since many people have ticklish feet, you'll want to apply enough pressure to not make the massage ticklish.
  4. Once you've massaged the tendons and toe area for a few minutes, move on to the soles of the feet. While massaging the soles of the feet, you'll want to work in a circular motion using only your thumbs over the entire bottom half of the foot. It's important to keep the pressure in mind again to avoid tickling the person receiving the massage.
  5. Moving back to the toes again, you'll want to gently bend each toe using a circular motion. Do this to each toe from the bottom to the tip.


     After you've repeated all of these steps enough times to please the recipient, you can then towel dry the legs to get any excess lotion off. If you follow these simple steps, you'll have people lined up at your door waiting for a great Asian foot massage!

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