How To Give An Asian Nude Massage

Learn how to give an Asian nude massage and spice up your sex life. If you’ve ever had an Asian nude massage you know how great they feel. Asian massage incorporates all of the kneading and rubbing of traditional massage with the stretching and acupressure techniques of the East. If you've never given an Asian massage it’s about time your learned. Use the tips below to get started tonight.

To give an Asian massage you'll need:

  • A yoga mat or very thin mattress
  • Massage oil
  • A towel
  • A willing partner
  1. Use a mat or thin firm mattress on the floor. Traditional Asian massages take place on a mat on the floor, not a massage table. A yoga mat would work well. Being on the floor is more practical for an Asian massage because the recipient can easily move and stretch during the massage.
  2. Start slow and partially clothed. Getting nude right away could feel awkward. Even though you might want to, don’t jump right into the “good stuff” in the beginning. Traditional Asian massages do not take place nude, and your partner may want to be draped in a towel while things are heating up.
  3. Use oil or lotion. Don’t even think about giving an Asian massage without massage oil. Oil helps your hands slide over the body and makes the massage much more enjoyable for the massage recipient. Asian massage oils are often labeled as helpful in relieving circulatory and nervous systems problems. This may or may not be true, but if you're willing to try them out, your local Asian market should have a wide variety of different scents with different healing properties.
  4. Start with the shoulders and work your way down. For best results and an easy transition into more elaborate massage techniques, start by massaging the head and neck and slowly work your way down. Pay attention to each part of her body including her head, hands and feet. In Chinese culture the hands and feed are believed to have pressure points that relieve pain and release toxins from the body. If your massage recipient is comfortable, you can help her do some basic stretches or yoga positions while you are massaging her. Unlike with Swedish massages where the massage recipient will lie still on a table, Asian massages incorporate movement and stretching to help rid the body of toxins.
  5. Experiment with different pressures. Asian massages often alternate between deep rubbing and kneading with your knuckles and soft touching and tickling with your finger tips. Remember that the deepest rub is always the best. If you're not sure which areas are the best to apply pressure to, check out an Asian massage book at your local library for more guidance
  6. Use your whole body. Don’t just use your hands to massage. The beauty of Asian massage is that you use your whole body to rub your partner. Try sitting gently on top of your partner with your legs straddled over her buttocks. Use your hands and elbows to apply gentle pressure to her shoulders, back and neck. Do not stand on your partner with your feet, as you may have seen on TV. Only professionals should try this technique, as you can seriously injure yourself or your partner if you do not perform this technique correctly.
  7. Build suspense. Don’t rush to massage the most sensitive areas. One of the secrets of a giving a great Asian nude massage is building suspense. Massage around sensitive parts but don’t actually begin to massage them until you’re almost finished with the massage.
  8. Happy ending. Since you’re an at home masseuse and not a professional, you should consider the “happy ending” approach. After all that tension release you may as well help your partner out with the ultimate tension release. With any luck, if you give a decent Asian nude massage, she might even return the favor.
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