How To Give A Body Rub Massage

Be prepared for a hot night of sex when you learn how to give a body rub massage. This type of massage is different than a standard massage in that the masseuse uses their entire body to give the massage instead of just their hands. This is a sexy alternative to a typical 'hands on' massage that will help spark up your love life in just one night!  Here you'll learn the secrets of how to give a body rub massage.

Things needed to give a body rub massage:

  • Massage oil (slightly warmed)
  • Flat surface (bed or table)
  • Sheet or towel
  • Candles

How to give a body rub massage:

  1. Prepare the surface.  A body rub massage requires a lot of massage oil so before you begin, lay down a sheet or towel on the surface that you will be giving the massage on. This will make it easy to clean the area up once the massage is over.
  2. Set the scene. Before you begin this sensual massage, you'll want to set a romantic scene by dimming the lights and placing candles around the area. This will help her to relax during the body rub massage. It will also put her in the mood for a romantic evening.
  3. Undress.  Both participants will need to undress for a body rub massage. During this type of massage, the body of the masseuse is rubbed all over his partner, so you won't want to have any undergarments in the way. Get completely undressed and her lay flat on her stomach to prepare for the body rub massage.
  4. Begin the massage. Now you're ready to begin the body rub massage. To start, apply warm (not hot) massage oil liberally all over her back, shoulders and buttocks. Be sure to rub your hands together before touching any area of the body. Begin by rubbing the back and shoulders with your hands only, massaging with a comfortable amount of pressure.
  5. Take it up a notch. Once you have relaxed her (approximately 10 to 15 minutes) straddle your body across her buttocks, and rub against her lower body with your pelvic region as you continue to massage the shoulders, neck and arms. Use slow movements as you rub, and lower you face and kiss your partner as you gyrate and massage her body. Things will heat up quickly and you may be tempted to penetrate her, but don't! The point of a body rub massage is to tempt your partner with your body and make all her senses heightened. This will intensify the sex when it does finally occur.
  6. Flip her over. To finish the massage, flip her over and repeat the process on the front of her body. Since you will be eye to eye for this portion of the massage, most couples become overwhelmed with their passion for one another and don't make it far in the massage before they break down and have sex. Try to hold out as long as possible, as the longer you wait, the more animalistic you'll become for one another.
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