How To Give A Body Shampoo Massage

By now you should know how to give a body shampoo massage but hey, maybe you are a bar soap guy. You can never get enough suds with that. This massage covers your body but skips your meat and potatoes or vertical smile for the gals. Yes, those are indeed the scientific terms.

  1. Shampoo. Before delving into the mysteries behind how to give a body shampoo massage, you need decent shampoo. Pick something that is not overwhelming in scent. For example, a melon rinse is ok for a quick shower after work but when you go for a shampoo body massage, the smell can become cloying and even remind you of rotting melons in the heat. So pick a neutral scent.
  2. Heat. Before you get into the full on body shampoo massage, think about the heat. Depending upon your age or level of sobriety, this can be fatal. So start off warm, go slow and bring on the heat in increments.
  3. Head. Start at the head. Should you have hair, this is even better because your hair creates the perfect suds for a body shampoo massage. Use your finger tips and grind them into your scalp. The areas around your temples and ears are especially pleasurable and in need of some love.
  4. Upper half. Learning how to give a body shampoo massage is all about knowing where the muscles you work all day are. The torso is no big deal but mind the neck, shoulders and arms. Shampoo is perfect for grinding into your sore spots so go nuts. You will hit the obvious spots no problem but remember to lather your forearms, palms and fingers as well. Fingers are tricky but pull them gently and spread them apart for maximum relaxation.
  5. Lower half. As stated before, figure out the fun bits yourself. But the area just above your ass needs some love. The lower back is your core and needs shampoo love. Your calves are needy too so massage accordingly. Should you have a large tub with a bench you are stoked. If you spend a lot of time on your feet you may wish to invest in a small plastic stool to sit on for your legs and feet. Sitting in the steam and rubbing your sore feet is not as good as the happy ending you might get in South East Asian countries or seedy massage parlors but anyone in retail knows how good an arch and toe massage is.
  6. Finish. Understanding how to give a decent body shampoo massage means you must end accordingly. All that heat and steam are relaxing but after all the shampoo is washed away do yourself a favor and switch to cold water. The cold water is key to feeling refreshed plus it seals your pores which means you will not smell like a pickled pepper, garlic salami sandwich after a good long sweat and soak.   
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