How To Give A Chair Massage

Knowing how to give a chair massage can be a great way to help a partner or friend to unwind at the end of a long day. The technique is simple and can be done anywhere in a short amount of time. A chair massage covers the back, neck, and shoulders, areas that often receive a lot of strain during the day and can benefit from frequent massage. A chair massage is also great to promote relaxation and stress relief.

To give a chair massage, you will need:

  • A chair
  • A pillow or cushion
  • Relaxing music
  1. Set up the area. While a professional masseuse would use a special massage chair, at home, a regular chair can be outfitted to work for a chair massage. The person receiving the chair massage should sit backwards on the chair, place a pillow or cushion on top of the back of the chair so he or she can rest his or her head during the massage. It may also be nice to put on some relaxing music during the chair massage. If the person being massaged has long hair, you will want to tie it back for the massage.
  2. Start at the neck and shoulders. Begin the chair massage by gently kneading the shoulders and the base of the neck. This is an area where many people carry tension and you will want to give it plenty of attention. Don’t be afraid to ask the person being massaged if the amount of pressure is right, everyone has a different comfort level when it comes to pressure.
  3. Work down the back. Slowly work your way down the back, first applying gentle pressure along the spine and then massaging outward to cover the whole back area. The lower back is another place that tends to get sore, especially in people who sit for a good portion of the day. Applying rhythmic pressure by drumming the palms or fingertips down the back is another technique that is often used during a chair massage.
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