How To Give An Ear Massage

It takes very little to learn how to give an ear massage. If she's had a long day and just can't seem to relax, this is a great way to get her to just stop and enjoy the moment. While you are figuring out how to give an ear massage, realize that each person is different. There may be some things that she does or does not like. Be sure to listen if she lets you know.

  1. Let her know that you are planning to give an ear massage. This is something that you don't want to sneak up on her with. You don't have to say specifically, that you are going to give her an ear massage. You can just let her know that you want to do something that will help her relax.
  2. Take her earlobes between the pads of your thumb and forefinger. Gently press down rub your fingers into little circles. The pressure that you use depends on the person. She may like more or less, depending on her specific tastes. Throughout the experience, you can ask her if it feels good to get an idea on whether or not she is enjoying an ear massage.
  3. After a minute or two, take the circles that you were making with your fingers and slowly move the circles along the outside of the ear. Move slowly and don't let it seem like you are trying to rush. Take your time.
  4. When you get to the top of the ear,  you have two choices. You can continue back down the ear or you can move on to another part of the ear massage. If she likes what you are doing, you may just want to continue.
  5. If you are facing her, remove your fingers from the back of her ears and move them to the front so that you can now make the same circles on the side of her head, right where the ear connects. If you behind her, you can remove your thumb and continue the circles with your finger.
  6. As you are preparing to end an ear massage, take only the tips of your fingers and just brush them over the lines of the outside of the ear. Do this a few times to just signal that the end of the ear massage is approaching. For some women, this part will tickle just a little.
  7. When you are finished, be sure to pay attention to her response. If she really liked it, giving an ear massage is something that you need to remember when she has had a  long day, or when you are looking to make something up to her.

Knowing how to give an ear massage can be the key to helping her get rid of her bad day and focus more on relaxing, and you.

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