How To Give An Erotic Asian Massage

Learning how to give an erotic Asian massage has many benefits; from the relaxation that is brought on by the massage itself, to the sexy elements of foreplay that can be incorporated into it. Whether you opt to treat your partner to a relaxing massage after a tough day at work, or are looking to uniquely spice things up by adding a twist to typical foreplay, an erotic Asian massage is a valuable asset to utilize. This article outlines some of the basic steps to incorporate into a massage to ensure all aspects of the massage provide ample pleasure.

  1. Don't forget to tease. In performing an erotic Asian massage, an important element that the massage cannot be without is the element of teasing. While massaging your partner, gently run your fingers over areas of her body that generally stimulate some form of sexual sensation. Areas such as the genitals, thighs as well as gently brushing the ears or kissing the neck are all fantastic areas to give minute attention to sporadically throughout the massage.
  2. Use other parts of your body. While giving an erotic Asian massage, use different parts of your body. This is important for two reasons, the first reason is due to the functionality of the massage itself in relieving stress and loosening tight muscles; by using your elbow and forearm in areas of specific tightness, the balanced allocation of your weight helps give you more leverage in loosening the muscles in that area.
  3. Ensure you have some knowledge of pressure points. Before you opt to perform an erotic Asian massage on your partner, ensure you have some working knowledge of tension relief points on the body. By knowing these types of areas, the massage will be more effective in relieving stress and relaxing your partner while you simultaneously work to keep her turned on as well.
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