How To Give An Erotic Full Body Massage

Learning how to give an erotic full body massage can add a new spice to your dull relationship. Giving a full body massage can be an erotic way to spend time with your lover or partner. So if you and your partner are ready and willing, than let’s take a look at the list of tools you’ll need to give an erotic, full-body massage.

To give your partner an erotic full body massage, you’ll need the following items:

  • Partner
  • Candles
  • Massage oil
  • Bedroom
  • Comfy bed
  1. Set the scene. The first step to giving an erotic full body massage is setting the atmosphere for you and your partner. Begin by clearing any excess items from the bedroom. Next, light some lightly-scented candles in your bedroom. Choose a candle that gives off a slight aroma that you and your partner will enjoy. Using a candle with too much aroma may take away from the sensual setting of your bedroom.
  2. Invite your partner in. The next step to giving an erotic full body massage is to invite your partner into the bedroom. Next, have your partner strip of any excess clothing and lay down on your bed. Begin by caressing their sore areas with a massage oil that is warm to the touch. A typical warming jelly/lubricant works great for this part of the full body massage. Giving a full body massage means not lingering on one area too much. Instead, focus on teasing your partner by only caressing sensitive areas as little as possible. Begin by focusing on less-sensitive areas first such as their back, legs, arms, etc. before moving onto areas like lower back, shoulder blades, thighs, etc.
  3. An open understanding. Possibly the most important in giving your partner an erotic full body massage is an understanding of each other’s needs. This means not only knowing each other’s bodies but knowing each other’s desires. Giving a full body massage means that you’ll be caressing sensitive areas. Make sure that both you and your partner know what to possibly expect during your massage sessions in order to gain a better understanding of each other.

While you’ll need experience at becoming a professional at giving a full-body massage, make sure that you also consider other romantic areas to perform massages. While the bedroom is a great place to give a full body massage, also consider areas such as couches, living room, bath tub, etc. Make sure that you and your partner have an excellent understanding of each other’s sexual and physical desires before giving a full body massage so you each know what to expect.

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