How To Give An Erotic Japanese Massage

Learning how to give an erotic Japanese massage can help make both you and your partner very happy. A traditional Japanese massage is known as Shiatsu. When you combine the principle of Japanese massage with an erotic massage, you will be able to heighten your partner's arousal for an intense sexual experience.

  1. Use mostly finger pressure. This will make the massage more Japanese. The use of fingers helps to define certain pressure points and relieves tension more effectively during the massage. Once the tension is relieved, you can move onto a more erotic massage.
  2. Turn your partner on her side and focus on tense spots. You can massage from the front, back or both. Start with pressure points that aren’t as erotic, such as her shoulders, neck and outer thighs.
  3. Roll her onto her stomach to hit more erotic spots. When your partner is on her stomach, you have full access to massage her buttocks and upper thighs, as well as her lower back. These are all very sensual areas that are incorporated into both Japanese and erotic massage.
  4. Get fully erotic with your partner on her back. Once you’ve relieved her tension completely, it’s time to start the fully part of the erotic Japanese massage. Continue using just your fingers and massage the inside of the thighs. Spread her legs slightly and rub up and down the area between her thighs and vaginal opening. Slowly, start to massage the outer vaginal lips without opening them or going inside. Start at the base and move up toward the clitoris. Once you feel your partner start to get wet, you can bring her to climax.
  5. Bring the clitoris into the massage. Rub all around the clitoris gently with just one finger. Then, add another finger and gague your partner’s reaction. Once she’s moaning and very wet, you can move in for direct clitoral penetration, if that’s even necessary. Vary your massage movements at first, but eventually, stick with a steady, fast motion to get your partner to climax.
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