How To Give An Exotic Sensual Massage

To know how to give an exotic sensual massage, you need only to keep a few things in mind, focusing on giving your girlfriend a completely sexy experience. Knowing what to do and when to do it is key to making her feel good and getting her in the mood for the after-massage party. If you want to please her and make her happy she’s with you, there are few better ways that mastering the art of massage.

  1. Talk dirty. One of the best things to add to your exotic sensual massage is a little dirty talk. As you work your hands over your partner whisper things into her ear, such as how sexy you think she is, how attractive she is to you, how she’s the perfect woman for you, and tell her all the dirty things you’re going to do to her later. This will make her feel prized and wanted and is a great way to make her feel good about being with you. Plus, the deep and low sound of your voice will turn her on even more.
  2. Invite in a third. One tip to giving an exotic sensual massage is to bring in a third party to help, especially a hunky professional masseuse, assuming you’re comfortable enough in your manhood to do this. After she’s in position invite the pro in and tell her that he’s going to give you some pointers so you can massage her perfectly. She will absolutely love the feel of four hands on her and the mystery of what might happen next will excite her.
  3. Cover every inch of her body with every inch of yours. A great massage involves not just using your hands on your partner’s body, but also you’re on body. Since you’re trying to give an exotic sensual massage you will want to press into her, letting her feel your abdomen against her back, you full arms up and down her arms and legs and…whatever other parts you choose to touch her with.
  4. Choose the right environment. The right environment is very important for an exotic sensual massage. If you’re doing it at home, make sure that you have a nice, cozy sport for her to lie in, have some scented candles burning, and have the right music playing. If you’re out and about and it’s more spontaneous, choose romantic places, such as the beach, or a park after dark. Don’t try it in a movie theater or parking lot.
  5. Add some surprises. To give a great exotic sensual massage, keep your partner on her toes, so to speak, with some unexpected surprises. Perhaps in the middle of it you can present her with a lovely gift. Try blindfolding her so that her other senses are heightened as you move your hands over her. Or really shock her by placing some handcuffs on her when you’re just about done and then give her a nice spanking and have your way with her.
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