How To Give A Female An Anal Orgasm

Knowing how to give a woman an anal orgasm can be troublesome to some individuals. But, the solution is actually quite simple. Most women will agree it’s all in the technique and the foreplay before the initial contact that makes it more relaxing and enjoyable. Anal sex is something that cannot be rushed and handled too roughly. If this is the first time trying anal sex, you definitely don’t want to mess up your chances trying it again with your partner. A few simple steps will help you to make anal sex enjoyable for your woman, and give her the most pleasurable anal sex orgasms possible.

To give a female an anal orgasm you will need:

  • Lubricating Jelly
  • Massaging Oil
  • Condoms
  • Patience
  • Verbal Communication
  1. Condoms and being safe. Depending upon your relationship with your partner, you may want to invest in a box of condoms. Having anal sex can sometimes cause anal tears and there may be bleeding. It is a good idea to always practice safe sex during anal intercourse.
  2. Massaging oil. The first thing you want to do when trying to get your woman to have an anal sex orgasm is to relax her. The best way to do this is to oil her body down and massage every inch of her. Kissing her and her body during the process will definitely be a turn for the both of you. Pay extra attention to the anal area. The object is to make love to the area without penetrating it first.
  3. Lubricating jelly. The anal area has to be lubricated and the shaft of the penis should be lubricated as well. This is to prevent from going in to rough and irritating the area. This will not feel good to either partner. Once you have successfully, entered your partner it is important to keep and maintain your position to bring her body to a wonderful orgasm.
  4. Verbal communication. Nothing is more stimulating than to hear your partner enjoying themselves. During anal sex describe to your woman how good it feels. Even if it is a little uncomfortable in the beginning it has the potential to reach a full climax. So, keep talking and maneuvering your hands over your woman’s body. This will help to relax her.
  5. Patience. Take your time and enjoy anal sex. Use a slow and steady rhythm in the beginning and allow your woman time to adjust to your manhood in that area. Don’t rush through it and do not treat the area as if you are having vaginal intercourse. It is two completely different areas, and the vaginal area produces more lubricant than the anal area. Some women may find it a little uncomfortable to adjust to in the beginning, but once they get into the rhythm and feel comfortable with your manhood penetrating them, they will be able to produce great anal sex orgasms.
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