How To Give Female Full Body Massage

Learning how to give a female full body massage is all about  being thorough and creative. Oh, and paying attention to your woman will aid in giving her a great full body massage as well. The great news is, you don't have to be an experienced masseuse to give a great full body massage. You just have to be willing to explore her body. And… What guy doesn't like exploring a sexy body every now and then? You can grab some simple oils, or even the high end stuff if you like, and go to town on that full body massage. So, without further yapping, it's time to learn how to give her a great full body massage.

What you need:

  • massage oils
  • creativity
  1.  Her body. You can read pages and pages of massage techniques and not be able to give a massage that she likes. Great full body massages are person specific. Meaning, what she likes doesn't necessarily coincide with what, say you'd like. So, it's up to you to figure out techniques that she enjoys on specific areas of her body. While giving her a full body massage, make sure you talk to her. Ask her what she likes. Ask her how firm she wants it, and so on and so forth. Knowledge is power guys.
  2. The oils. When using massage oils, they always feel better when they're slightly warmer. Pour some in your hands, and rub your hands together for a few seconds to heat up the oil. During a full body massage, you'll find yourself doing this periodically. She won't mind as long as when you touch her, you do it right.
  3. Working it out. A person's body is heavy in muscle tissue in certain areas, and lighter in others. The lighter areas will only need a quick, yet thorough rub down. The more muscular areas, such as the shoulders, neck, back, arms and such will need more attention and muscle penetrating techniques. Learning how much pressure to apply to these areas, again, requires that you openly speak to her while giving the massage.
  4. Focal points. If she points out certain areas that need a little more attention, keep this in mind. It's cool to work out the sore area, but you need to pay attention to the surrounding areas as well. This is because the surrounding areas are compensating for that sore spot. So, be liberal to all parts.
  5. Hand technique. This simple technique can help get you started. At least until you figure out other ways to give her that full body massage. Use your palms and fingers to firmly grasp a certain area. While doing that, use your thumbs in a rotary motion to wok out any kinks on a specific area of the body. Use a sweeping motion. Never allow your hands to disengage her body. Keep constant contact and slide your hands to different areas while continually massaging with your thumbs.
  6. Your knuckles. Use you knuckles to dig slightly deeper into her muscles. Don't apply too much pressure because you'll hurt her. Remember, communication is key.
  7. Personalized techniques. As stated earlier. A great full body massage should be person specific. Spend some time figuring out how she likes to be rubbed in certain areas. Develop your own techniques to help work the kinks out.
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