How To Give French Kissing Lessons

Here are some tips on how to give French kissing lessons. How exactly does one teach something like that? You learned it by trial and error when you were finishing middle school, over months, if not years. Now you have to cover the entire curriculum, all in one night. Before you get flustered and another, better teacher swoops in on your innocent Amish lamb, follow these simple steps:

  1. Relax your lips. That first kiss is certainly nerve-wracking, exciting and a whole slew of other adjectives. People tend to tense up, making the entire kiss rigid. Relax. Keep your lips soft and your mouth will follow.
  2. Start with a small kiss on the lips. One person, probably you, should give a small, deep kiss on the lips of the other person. Wrap your lips over the upper or lower lip briefly. No tongue, just a deep kiss with your lips, penetrating their mouth slightly.
  3. Follow with a deeper kiss. Kiss them again in exactly the same way did with the first kiss but insert your tongue lightly into their mouths, touching their lips, brushing their teeth and possibly their tongue. Do this lightly, relaxed, but with purpose.
  4. Do not shove your tongue in their mouth. That's not only frightening to someone who doesn't know how to French kiss but also a bit disgusting. Just lightly touch your tongue to their tongue if they will allow you to. If not, touch your tongue to their lips while you are kissing them, softly.
  5. Repeat this process. Remember to relax and encourage them to do so as well. Have your tongues meet, one rubbing up against the other, massaging the other as much as one can.
  6. Variation is key. Make sure to switch up what you are doing with your kiss, with the motions of your tongue, with the angle of your mouth and the order in which you kiss their lips. No kiss should be identical. This is one of the most intimate expressions of affection for someone and, as with other expressions of love, there are an infinite number of variations.
  7. Repeat this process over and over. Practice, as we all know, makes perfect.
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