How To Give A Girl Oral

The tips on how to give a girl oral include a number of things you can easily focus on on your way to becoming an excellent lover. You love getting great oral sex, so you should not be surprised to know that your partner does as well. If you get great at going down, the women in your life will make their way back into your bed again and again.

  1. Start slow, warming her up. To give a girl you can just dive in like it’s a pie eating contest (even though, in some regards, it is). Her clit is very sensitive, just like the head of your penis, and you have to get her properly aroused before you can earnestly get to work. Start by nibbling around labia, breathing on her to warm her skin in this area. Lick her slowly all around and not until you can tell that her clit is getting swollen and her breath is getting short should you start to lick her firmly.
  2. Don’t just focus on clitoral stimulation. Women most often reach orgasm from having their clit stimulated, but that doesn’t mean this is the only place you should keep your mouth. To give a girl oral properly, explore the entire area with your tongue and lips, gently probing her vagina with your tongue, sucking her lips into your mouth and alternating between her clit and other nooks and crannies she has in this oh-so-wonderful place. And if you really want to take it up a notch, you can even tongue her other hole for a bit…something that might drive her insane.
  3. Change your pace and pressure. Just like a woman doesn’t want you to simply climb on top of her and pound away, uncreatively, she also doesn’t want you simply flicking your tongue over her the same way for five minutes. Show her how excited you are to be giving her this pleasure by taking your time to alternate you technique, drawing out the experience for her. Try alternate between slow and fast tongue flicks, work her up and down and then side-to-side, and of course, gently suck her clit into your mouth. To give a girl oral well, you must vary what you do to keep it interesting…and keep her in wonderful torture.
  4. Augment with your fingers. Your tongue and mouth are working hard on your girl, and there’s no reason you can’t bring other body parts in on the action. Use your hand to supplement your action by caressing the insides of her thighs, rub her breasts and squeeze her nipples, and of course, gently penetrating her vagina while you lick her. To give a girl oral to complete satisfaction, you may want to give her the benefit of vaginal penetration while working over her clit.
  5. Finish firm. To give a girl oral the best way possible, you have to make sure that she has an incredible, earth-shaking orgasm. As you sense that she’s getting close, from her physical and vocal responses to you, find a nice rhythm on her clit and hold steady, providing consistent pressure. As she reaches her peak, don’t overdo it, but don’t ease off either, at least not until all her quivering and shaking comes to a standstill.
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