How To Give A Good Foot And Leg Massage

OK Romeo, you want to learn how to give a good foot and leg massage to your lady friends, right? Good foot and leg massages aren't very difficult to deliver. Actually, you don't even need the oils or lotions to give a satisfying lower body rub session, though these do help with certain techniques. Knowing the areas to focus on and some basic hand techniques are all you'll need to give a good foot and leg massage. So, let's get to it, shall we? Here's how to give her a great foot and leg massage.

  1. Oil or lotion? Choose the oil. If you're going to be thorough—and you want to be thorough—use the oil. Lotion is cool for shorter sessions, but you'll notice that you have to constantly apply it. Also, over time lotion will start to bead up into these little rough flakes. Lotion is more trouble than it's worth. Oil lasts a little longer and you don't need large amounts of it to get the job done. Yes, oil is the better choice for a good foot and leg massage.
  2. The thighs. This part of her leg will obviously have the most meat to massage. This also means that the thighs will take more work to massage properly. Have her lay down on her stomach. We're going to start with the back of her thighs, one at a time. Apply just enough oil on your hands so you can properly oil up the thigh without excess spillage. First, rub the back of her thigh down. Then, take your hands and firmly grip both the inner and outer parts of the thigh. Squeeze them lightly while using your thumb to circularly massage the back of the thigh. Slowly move up and down the thigh. Another technique you can do is to make a fist and firmly rub your knuckles up and down the middle of her thigh. Lastly, spread your fingers and firmly press into her thigh while rubbing up the middle and sides of her thigh. Use a combination of the three techniques described here on both sides of the thighs. She'll love the leg portion of your foot and leg massage.
  3. The calves and shins. Most shins don't have much to rub, so using the thumb technique described earlier will suffice here. The calf is made up of two muscles lined up right next to each other. The knuckle technique and circular thumb massages will work well with the calves. Have you ever seen someone knead dough? Well, treat her calves like dough. Sit on one side of her and use your hands to apply pressure on the calf by squeezing and releasing while moving up and down the length of the calf. Wash, rinse, repeat.
  4. Finally, the feet. It wouldn't be a great foot and leg massage without hooking up her feet. Believe it or not, there's a lot you can do with her feet. Hopefully she's washed them before you start playing with her. Lets start with the top of the foot. There's not much there, so a good rub down while applying pressure with the meaty part of your palm is all you'll need here. Now let's move on to the toes. Massage each one separately, focusing on the pads. Now move on to the balls and heels of the feet. Hold her foot on both sides with your thumbs pressing on the balls of her feet. You can see where this is going. Use those thumbs, buddy. The heel is a little harder to isolate, but using a variation of the thumb and knuckle techniques will effectively tackle this problem. Finally, and this is a trade secret boys, the arch of the foot. You can use the thumb technique and the knuckles rubbing the length of her arch and surrounding areas to work that arch out. But, that's not all. Sit her foot in your lap. With one hand, bend her toes back towards the top of her foot. This exposes the arch, giving you another way to massage the foot.
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