How To Give A Hand Massage

Knowing how to give a hand massage is a wonderful skill to learn since many individuals use computers and are typing most of the day. What a great way to come home to your partner and give them a loving hand massage. All you need is a little oil or lotion and manly hands to give your woman a firm but tender rub. Hand massages are sensual, intimate and wonderfully therapeutic.

  1. Get ready. Have your partner lie down on a sofa or bed, wherever is most comfortable for you to work around them. Take some oil or lotion and rub it on your hands to warm up your hands for the massage.
  2. Effleurage.  This means to stroke delicately. How to give a hand massage well is by first starting to gently rub the arm from the elbow down to the hands.
  3. Jostling. Hold your partner’s hand like a handshake. Now wiggle or jostle their hand gently so there is movement all up and down the arm. This relaxes the tissues in the muscles which is fantastic therapy.
  4. Chucking. Hold the side of your partner’s hand with one hand. With your dominate hand then use your thumb and stroke the top part of their hand beginning at the wrist up toward the knuckles. This relaxes the joints which is a great way in how to give a hand massage.
  5. Digits. Hold the side of your partner’s hand once again. Now pull each finger as your rub from the knuckle to the tip of the fingers. This is a great way to relieve tension in the fingers and joints.
  6. Knuckle sandwich. Hold the top part of your partner’s hand. Take you dominate hand and roll it into a ball or fist. Roll your knuckles into the palm of their hand while applying pressure with your other hand. This “sandwich” is a most relaxing technique in how to give a hand massage.
  7. Interlock fingers. Basically hold your partner’s hand with your fingers interlocked into your fingers. How to give a hand massage in this method you bend your partner’s hand forward and backward. You can also wiggle their fingers.
  8. Stretch. Take the palm of their hand and with both of your hands work the palm by stretching out the fingers with strokes of your thumbs. Work both thumbs simultaneously. This is a most basic method in how to give a hand massage.
  9. S-Curve. Hold your partner’s hand with your thumbs on top of the hand. Now slide your thumbs horizontally across the top part of their hand. This is a soothing and diving way in how to massage a hand.
  10. Rotation. Once again interlock fingers with your partner. Now rotate their hand clockwise and counter clockwise. This method of how to massage the hands eases the joints in the wrist and they will love you for it!
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