How To Give Her Absolute Pleasure

Learn how to give her absolute pleasure if you want to leave her totally satisfied. There is nothing wrong with a quickie at an opportune moment, but women like more than just a quick roll in the hay. If you want to please her, you will need to kiss, lick, caress and stroke her all over.

What you will need:

  • Creativity
  • Kissing skills
  • Great hands
  1. Foreplay. If you want to get her in the mood for a steamy night, foreplay would be a good place to start. You will never hear her complain about you hugging, cuddling, kissing and whispering naughty thoughts in her ear. The more you tease her the more you will be able to please her. She will be so aroused by the time you really start to pleasure her, she will be ready to explode!
  2. Passionate kissing. The art of tongue kissing will pleasure her more than you know. Nothing will get her engine roaring like a man who knows how to kiss. You can also use your lips for giving her sweet arousing kisses all over body.
  3. Oral pleasure. The tongue can be used as a mighty tool in absolutely pleasuring her inside and out. She will reach her peak of ecstasy if you stimulate her clitoris with a flick of your tongue.
  4. Finger stimulation. The fingers are not just for writing, but enticing. Use them to caress her breast, run your fingers down the middle of her stomach, and watch how she squirms with delight as you get closer to her passion fruit. The pleasure she will receive will have her begging for more.
  5. Body massage. Don’t rush into pleasuring her sexually, take your time; she will thank you later. Instead massage her back, caress and squeeze her butt and rub your hands between her inner thighs. The absolute pleasure she will experience will be overwhelming.
  6. Spontaneous sex. You can always have good sex, but if you want to achieve great sex you have to be spontaneous. Don’t always have the times and place you want to get busy planned. That takes some of the pleasure and fun out of it. Surprise her sometimes with an unplanned sexual adventure; you are not limited to just pleasuring her in the bedroom. Venture outside of the bedroom if you want to give her absolute pleasure.

If giving her absolute pleasure seems like a lot of work, it’s not. Keep in mind that the more you pleasure her and unlock all those hidden sexual desires, the more she will want to pleasure and unleash all those hidden sexual desires on you.

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