How To Give Her A Delayed Orgasm

Make sex great with your girl and learn how to give her a delayed orgasm. This is one of the keys to satisfying her in bed and keeping your sexual relationship interesting. Giving her a delayed orgasm will show her that you are interested in satisfying her and that you put her needs before yours. If you want to learn how to give her a delayed orgasm, you will need to take your time and slow down.

  1. Start by teasing without touching. Tease her to get her exciting by touching her around where it counts. Caress the inside of her thigh and the areas around her nipples to get her stimulated and excited. You want the whole process to be as long as possible so that her orgasm will be more intense. You can even try using a blind fold to up the sensuality and keep her guessing.
  2. Slow down. This may seem difficult when you are hot and bothered in the bedroom, but if you really want to give her a delayed orgasm, you have to slow down. Every time you think she is getting close, slow down your pace to a smooth, sensual rhythm to keep her turned on without bringing her to the point of climax.
  3. Switch it up when you think she’s getting close. You should alternate this one with slowing down regularly. Focus on different areas, like massaging her breasts or giving her a long, passionate kiss. You want to slow down the climax process but still keep her turned on. You can even stop intercourse and go oral if you want to drive her absolutely crazy.
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