How To Give Her An Orgasm After A Hysterectomy

Post-op can leave heads spinning on just how to give her an orgasm after hysterectomy. A surge in libido may occur only temporarily; however, pain and bleeding can generally lasts for six weeks, which interferes with the sex lives of existing couples. Patients should schedule regular followups with their doctors before engaging with penetrative intercourse. A series of precautions can ensure further injuries do not occur. Implementing certain sexual strategies can help satisfy her with an orgasm after hysterectomy.

You will need:

  • lubricant


  1. Oral Sex. Stimulating the various parts of the female genital anatomy safely can help bring her to an orgasm after hysterectomy. Focus on her entire body, including the erogenous zones, such as her lips, neck, ears, wrists, buttocks, nipples and inner thighs. Never go straight for the vagina, especially the clitoris until after officially “warming her up.” Stimulate the outer labia by stretching, massaging and lightly slapping. Begin by licking the outer labia, and then upwards to the clitoral hood. Lightly lick the clitoris in a way which resembles sucking the juice from an apple to achieve orgasm. Watch to see if she responds positively or negatively. Don't hesitate to ask for suggestions on improving her experience. Every woman likes different methods. In addition, what may have felt pleasurable beforehand may not feel the same post-op.
  2. Use lubricant. Post-op patients have scar tissue, and the sensitivity largely depends on the time frame since the operation, likewise as the type of surgery. Using lubricants and oils can prevent re-injury.
  3. G-spot Stimulation. Avoid penetrative intercourse until cleared by a medical doctor. If the doctor grants permission, then stimulating her G-spot can actually cause her to orgasm after a hysterectomy. In fact, it may actually cause her to ejaculate or “squirt.” Locate the G-spot near the front or the anterior wall of the vagina. Insert the palm of the hand upwards, ranging about two to three inches towards her stomach. Use the index and middle finger to create a “come hither” motion. Watch for a reaction to see if an orgasm after hysterectomy occurs. Ask for feedback to see if it felt pleasurable or discontenting.
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