How To Give Her Sensual Pleasure

Experience a night of passion and excite your girlfriend's sexual desire for you by learning how to give her sensual pleasure. Whether you want to try a new technique to revive your sex life, or just want to try something new, awakening the sensual side of sex is a good way to go. By the time the night is over, your woman won't be able to get you out of her head.

  1. Take your time.  Plan for the night to be all about you and her. Turn off the phone, lock the doors, and don’t even think about social networking or television. The more time you spend on her, the more she will feel connected to you. When you touch her, take your time and don’t immediately go for the obvious spots. Simply place your hand on hers or on her knee, but don’t get too frisky just yet. When you kiss her, kiss her slow. This will build anticipation and make her desire for you stronger.  
  2. Stimulate her senses.  When a man smells good, women are like putty. Get yourself shower fresh and don’t over-do it on the cologne. Wherever you will be spending the most time needs to smell good too, especially the bedroom, so tidy up and light some scented candles or incense that she likes. Musky fragrances, vanilla, lavender, and pumpkin pie are known to stimulate sensual desire.
  3. Continue to stimulate her senses by paying attention to how you look. Shave and trim whatever hair that needs it, as smooth skin is sensual skin. Dress in something that compliments you. If you put in effort to look sharp, she will take great pleasure in looking at and touching you.

  4. Further stimulate her senses by making sure that whatever she touches is comfortable and sensual. Soft fabrics, or silk and satin feel best on skin. If she’s going to be in your bed, put on freshly washed sheets and fluff the pillows. When it comes to kissing and touching her, start off small. Play with her hair, gently run your hand up and down her arm, back, or thigh. Later on, try offering her a massage. From there, you can turn it into an erotic massage and sensual foreplay. Place kisses on her cheek, neck, and shoulders, and kiss her mouth gently. Pay attention to how she responds to see if you should take things to the next level. The idea is to get her anticipation building for the big finale.

  5. Find her erogenous zones.  Nothing is more sensual than the female body, and they come jam packed with erogenous zones. A woman’s erogenous zones include the neck, breasts, stomach, butt, inner thighs, behind the knees, and feet. Pleasure these areas by kissing, sucking, licking or licking them, as well as using your hands to gently rub and massage certain areas. Take your time and don’t be afraid to tease these areas. Once she has been taken care of from head to toe, its time to move to the vagina. Pay attention to everything from the outer and inner lips, to the clitoris, to the g-spot.

  6. Just as she can’t take it anymore, it is time to start making love. Find a good steady rhythm and keep her fire raging by slow, long, and deep thrusts.. Kiss her, look into her eyes, and continue to stimulate her other erogenous zones if they’re in easy access to give her great pleasure. Find a position that will stimulate her g-spot. Pay attention to the noises she makes and the way she’s moving her body to gauge her pleasure, and don’t be afraid to ask her what she wants. When the night is over, keep the intimacy alive by cuddling, and by morning, you should be hearing the words “last night was amazing!”





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