How To Give A Hickey

Learn how to give a hickey to make a mark of lust on the neck of a lover. Hickeys are small bruises on the neck that symbolize a moment of passion, loving ownership and playfulness. Show affection by nibbling and sucking on the neck while having an intimate moment with a woman.

  1. Place the mouth against the neck of a lover.  The skin of the neck is thinner, so it is easier to leave a hickey on. Press the lips against the collarbone if the hickey needs to be hidden later.
  2. Make an "o" shape with the mouth. Keep the lips slightly opened. The shape and size of the mouth will make the diameter of the hickey.
  3. Suck on the neck. Use the mouth to suction the neck. The suction will burst the blood vessels inside the neck, and a bruise will begin to form. Suck on the neck for at least 30 seconds to give a hickey.
  4. Stop sucking. Pull away from the neck. Observe if there is a bruise. Most hickeys will have a red color then gradually turn into a bruise. Begin sucking again if the hickey is not visible.
  5. Nibble on the neck. Gently nibble on the neck with the teeth if sucking does not create a hickey. The teeth will make the skin red and break blood vessels to give a hickey.

Be gentle when nibbling and sucking to prevent severe pain that will kill the passionate atmosphere. A hickey may be painful to the receiver. Hickeys will fade away just like a bruise, and they are hard to cover.



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