How To Give A Hot Butt Massage

Learn about how to give a hot butt massage when you want to do more than entice her. When giving a massage, the butt is often the one part of the body given the least amount of attention. You may be focused on giving her a sensual and arousing massage to put her in the mood for some sexual fun. What you do not realize is that a hot butt massage is very stimulating and erotic. The moment you grab her butt in your hands, she will begin to ooh and ah with pleasure. When you realize the response you get from giving her a hot butt massage, you will never neglect to give her butt a massage again.

  1.  Prepare a relaxing and tantalizing environment. Have the lights down low or use scented or unscented candles. You will want the setting to be the same as if you are giving her a full hot body massage. Have soft music playing a towel on the bed with a few rose pedals on the bed.
  2.  Hot massage oil. There is warm massage oil that gets hotter the more you rub or blow on it. Of course, you can always get a bottle of baby oil and heat it up. That will work nicely for the hot butt massage.

  3.  Trim nails and smooth away rough skin. Do not give her a hot butt massage with long nails. Trim your nails so you want poke or scratch her. The ooh and ahs you will hear want be from pleasure and not pain, so take care of those claws. If your hands are very rough and calloused over, you might want to use moisturize your hands before the massage.

  4.  Exercise your hands. This may sound strange, but you can get a pain in your fingers, hands or wrist from massaging her butt. Extended use of hands can get a little painful. To prevent a cramp in your hands open and close your hands and pop your knuckles. You should now be ready for a lot of squeezing and teasing.

  5. Get her in the mood. Run her a nice warm bath with bubbles all around. Lay her bath robe out so she will know to only to put that on when she is done. Put a glass of wine tub side to help loosen her up and relaxed for the hot butt massage you have in store for her.

  6.  Undress her. Lead her to the bedroom. Make sure the temperature in the room is just right. You do n ot want her to get goose bumps on her butt. Tell her to lie on her stomach where you will proceed to remove her robe. To let her know exactly what you are about to do put a towel over her top half and just leave her butt exposed. This will also help to keep any chill off and her mind only on the intense butt massage you will give her.

  7.  Start massage off slow. Do not pour the hot massage oil directly on her naked butt. You may receive a negative response since she was not expecting that. Instead, pour a bit in your hands and rub your hands together just incase your hands or a little cold. Put a hand on each butt cheek, spread your fingers out and start caressing her butt very slowly. Pick up the tempo as she starts to really get into the butt massage. A little light tap on her rear end every once in a while will get her heated up even more. Now she might be ready to move on to something more exciting!

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