How To Give A Hot Oil Body Massage

What better way to show someone you love them than by giving them a hot oil massage? Here are a few tips on how to give a hot oil body massage effectively and sensually.

To give a hot oil body massage you will need:

  • Hot oil
  • Microwave oven for heating your oil
  • Soft music or sound machine
  • Candles or low lighting
  1. Heat your oil. Make sure your oil is warm enough to use on the skin because nothing ruins a massage faster than cold oil or cold hands. Heat a cup of oil in the microwave for a few seconds (around 15 seconds) until it is warm to the touch but not too hot that it burns the skin.
  2. Warm your hands. Just like the oil, you'll want your hands warm as well. This can be done by being in a warm environment or rubbing them together. Even a warm towel can help warm your hands properly. As a last resort, make the hot oil a little hotter than usual, letting it cool somewhat in your hands.
  3. Make your partner comfortable. Have your partner lay on a flat surface and make sure they are comfortable. The bed is fine as long as you have something underneath them in case of any oil dripping onto the sheets. Since the oil is used on naked skin, have them undress. If they wish, you can cover the parts you are not massaging with a sheet. If this is someone you're very familiar with such as a spouse or partner, have them be naked but be sure your room is warm enough.
  4. Have ambiance. Make sure the lighting is warm and comfortable and that there are not any distractions. A sound machine can be excellent as long as it's on a soothing sound such as waves, rain or a wind chimes. Candles are nice for lighting and if those are not available a small, dimly lit lamp can work as well.
  5. Start wherever you choose. Start with the feet, hands or back. It doesn't matter where you start just do it by applying a thin later of the oil on your partner and begin to massage it in with the palms of your hands.
  6. Work your way around. Use more oil as needed and work it all over your partner's body using as much pressure as they are comfortable with. Make sure you always have enough oil to work with but that it's not too slippery.

Now you can learn about how to give a hot oil body massage and treat your partner to a day at the spa given solely by you.

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