How To Give An Indian Body Massage

Would you like to know how to give an Indian body massage to your partner? We know all too well how wonderful full-body massages can be. The use of scented or warming oils can heighten the experience even further. Indian body massage differs from other massage methods, largely because it is given with  the bare feet.  The proper term for this type of massage is Chavutti Thirumal, which means massaging with pressure from the foot. You should know how to give an Indian body massage in order to give your partner the ultimate relaxing experience.  Here are tips on how to give an Indian body massage.

To give an Indian body massage, you will need:

  • Soft towels or a floor mat
  • Warming oils
  • Sturdy overhead bar for balance
  1. Have your partner lie down on the floor. Place soft towels or padded mats on the floor for your partner to lie down on. Make sure that he or she is positioned comfortably before you begin.
  2. Get something sturdy to hold on to. You will need overhead support of some kind to grasp on to as you are giving your partner an Indian body massage.  In this way, you can maintain the balance to massage large areas of the body with your foot.
  3. Apply oil to your partner’s body by hand. As you are learning how to give an Indian body massage, realize that the oil application process can be relaxing as well. As you rub oils onto your partner’s skin, use soothing, gentle motions to help dissolve tensions in the body.   
  4. Instruct your partner to focus on deep breathing and relaxation. Deep breathing is known to enhance relaxation, and the more relaxed the body is, the more it can benefit from deep massage. Proper breathing is an integral part of the Indian body massage experience.
  5. Massage your partner’s body with your foot, covering his or her back, sides and front. When learning how to give an Indian body massage, always be careful and use gentle stroking motions with your foot. Use your foot to span the length of your partner’s body. Use fluid, flowing motions. The massage will be thorough, meaning that you will start by massaging your partner’s fingertips and end with his or her toes.

These tips are an overview of how to give an Indian body massage.  Chavutti Thirumal massage can loosen tight muscles, release endorphins and ease body aches when done properly. Being knowledgeable on how to give an Indian body massage will give you a sense of satisfaction, and your partner will be pleased with your efforts.

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