How To Give An Intimate Hug

So, you want to know how to give an intimate hug? While a hug may seem simple enough, there's definitely a skill to giving an intimate hug. As with anything else, the more you practice, the better you become. A hug is a personal gesture capable of giving silent messages, depending on what type of hug you’re giving. It’s easy to give an intimate hug once you learn the basics of hugging. There are five different types of hugs:

  1. The Friendly Hug. The friendly hug is usually between friends or acquaintances. One typically doesn’t give someone they just met a hug; they give a handshake. Friends and relatives you haven’t seen in a long time qualify for a friendly hug. The reach around the body is a very light reach with one, possibly two hands touching the back, the head turned opposite of the one being hugged. The friendly hug is quite brief. It’s important to note that under the influence of alcohol, friendly hugs could unexpectedly turn into intimate hugs or be misinterpreted as such.
  2. A Relative Hug. A relative hug should never be misinterpreted as an intimate hug. Giving an intimate hug is at the opposite end of the spectrum from giving a relative hug. The reach around a relative is quick, brief and often one-handed with each other’s cheeks coming together. A relative hug has more upper-body contact with the shoulders.
  3. A Consoling Hug. Consoling hugs must always be genuine. There are some people who will take advantage of one who needs consoling to receive some full body contact. With that in mind, be respectful and keep it genuine. Consoling hugs last somewhat longer than friendly or relative hugs, but should never be given the same way one would give an intimate hug. When you make the reach for the hug, both hands are typically at the top portion of the back of the shoulder blades, applying a gentle squeeze to let them know you care. This part is important. Women sometimes have a tendency to double pat the back lightly with their hands.
  4. The Intimate Hug. Before you practice how to give an intimate hug, practice giving the other type of hugs and become familiar with the difference between them. The more you learn about each type of hug, the better hugger you will be. When you are ready to give an intimate hug, the reach is fully around the other person, hands, arms, and even forearms touch the other person. The grasp is soft and gentle yet firm. The head is turned in towards the neck or ear but not necessarily touching (you’re not making out—yet). The duration of the hug is longer than any other type of hug. If conversation or words must be spoken during an intimate hug, speak soft and gently. Guys may choose to lightly hold the girls face in his hands during conversation, while girls may wish to place both hands on the guys’ chest while maintaining a close position.
  5. The Creepy, Borderline-Perverted Hug. No one wants to receive this kind of hug (unless you are a lonely male and the giver is a female). The creepy, borderline-perverted hug is in no way associated with an intimate hug nor does it follow any rules of how to give an intimate hug. A creepy, borderline-perverted hug can begin as any other hug type but ends the instant full body contact is made, with the hugger’s body pressing into the other person. Creepy, borderline-perverted hugger’s who drink are twice as repulsive and exceptionally slower. If you see them coming and you’re not inebriated, your chances of avoiding a creepy, perverted hug are quite good.
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