How To Give A Japanese Hot Stone Massage

Give the girl in your life a romantic gift and learn how to give a Japanese hot stone massage. Hot stone massages are a very soothing form of massage. This type of therapy utilizes hot, flat stones to massage a person. These stones are placed on different areas of the body with the intent to heal. The stones warm and relax the muscles.


  • flat stones (depending on full body or an area of the body, from 6 or 7 stones to 40 stones)
  • warming device to heat the stones
  • massage oil
  • massage table
  • towels
  1. Prepare the area ahead of time. Lay towels over the massage table. Heat the stones before your session. This should not be done in a microwave. You can purchase a roasting pan online or at speciality store in order to heat the stones. You will want to purchase this if you want to perform the most proper hot stone massage.
  2. Place the hot stones on top of the towels. Your client will lay on top of the towels and stones. Place stones in the area where you feel your client's back will rest. 
  3. Have the person lay on the massage table. Make sure their spine is in between the stones. Cover the person's body with more towels.
  4. Begin massaging. You will need to oil the areas that you will message, one at a time. Begin by oiling the person's face. Then, place the stones on the forehead, cheeks and under the lips. Continue to another area of the body, such as the legs. After oiling parts of the body, gently rub the stones onto the areas of the body.
  5. Continue to massage different areas of the body. Repeat the process of massaging the areas of the body with the warm stones. This will leave the person feeling more relaxed.

If you're looking to help someone relieve stress and to feel more relaxed, this is the perfect type of massage to perform.



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