How To Give A Japanese Soapy Massage

Many do not know how to give a Japanese soapy massage. A soapy massage is not like a regular body massage. This is a massage that is given by a naked women and can take more than an hour to perform. This type of massage is often labeled under a erotic massage and it is typically men that will book this massage. The women that is providing this type of massage does not need any formal training and once learned it is seen as a great form of helping your lover relax after long day or week.

  1. Find an area that is away from prying eyes. You will want to find an area where your lover and you can be alone. If you have an outdoor tub enclosed behind a privacy fence or even in your own bathtub these are both ideal since they allow for a quiet secluded area where you can add some candles for soft lighting and play traditional Japanese music
  2. Draw your lover a bubble bath. If you are not sure how hot your lover wants the water, ask them. This will ensure that they are comfortable. Avoid filling the bathtub up to high so that you can leave room for the water to rise with two bodies in it.
  3. Let the massage start. Start your Japanese music CD and ask your lover to remove all of their clothes. Take their hand and invite them to enter the bathtub and then enter the tub with them, their back should be facing you in the tub. If they have long hair it should be tied up. Apply exotic bodywash to their back and neck and begin massaging.
  4. Start out applying light pressure to your lovers back and slowly build up to more.  Apply an exotic liquid body soap to your lover's back. Cover your lover's back and neck area with the soap. Ask them if their are any areas in particular that they want you to pay special attention to.
  5. Close out your massage by serving your lover. Once the massage is over serve your lover a drink, either a glass of wine or a cool glass of ice water and enjoy their improved mood.
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