How To Give A Kama Sutra Massage

When it comes to learning how to do something to make your better half melt, you should learn how to give a Kama Sutra massage. A Kama Sutra massage is often used as foreplay from the giver to the receiver; it's a pure form of seduction that can make the receiver melt.

To give a Kama Sutra massage, you will need:

  • Old towel or blanket
  • Willing partner
  • Kara Sutra massage oil (such as sweet almond oil)
  1. Preparation. Before you start your Kama Sutra massage, you will want to prepare the area. Massage oils can stain, so put down an old towel or blanket. Warm the Kama Sutra massage oil in the microwave for a few seconds or by pouring some oil on your hands and rubbing them together briskly. Have your partner undress to the point that she feels comfortable. Have a towel or blanket available for her if she's not comfortable being naked.
  2. The Kama Sutra Massage. Start your massage with the head/neck area. Using long, soothing strokes, run your hands from the neck just under the hairline down into the shoulder area. This will help the stress and any tenseness slip away. Continue the long strokes her back, ending right above the butt. Alternate using circular motions and applying different amounts of pressure. Use light pressure. Remember, this is a soothing sensual Kama Sutra massage, not a deep tissue massage. Take each arm and sensually massage the entire length in long, sweeping strokes to the end of the fingertips. Continue down the legs to the feet, repeating the steps above. Be sure to skip all sexual areas unless otherwise asked by your partner.
  3. The Cleanup. After the Kama Sutra massage, you will want to make sure to clean the areas from any excess oils for safety reasons. Any excess oil will be slippery and pose a slipping risk. 
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