How To Give A Lower Body Massage

Because it's one of the most sensual areas, knowing how to give a lower body massage would be more than just beneficial for the aspiring masseuse. As many know, a lower body massage targets key areas of stress that often go unnoticed. If you'd like to give a lower body massage to someone in need (or possibly one's self), then read on.

  1. Have the receiver lie face down. Make sure the mattress or object you have him/her lay down on is comfortable and level. A prop for the feet might be nice, and the face shouldn't be covered (so as to encourage breathing) when giving a lower body massage.
  2. Start with the lower back, and work your way down. The lats hold a lot of stress in them, and should be the beginning of your lower body massage. From there, move to the sides and then down the leg.
  3. Target key stressors of the lower body. Areas like the back of the knee bend, the Achilles tendon, and the inner thigh are sensitive to the touch. Make these areas part of your lower body massage routine for maximum effectiveness.
  4. Have graceful, smooth, yet firm rotations. The way to give a lower body massage is through strong, yet caring, circles through the finger tips and palm. Your hands are the instruments of magic you'll use to make wonders for your partner's lower body massage.


  • Before beginning, set up the room. An environment free of distractions and tension is key to giving a lower body massage. Scented candles, ambiance music, and other distractions should be kept to a minimum.

It might not be easy to give a lower body massage for the novice, but it's worth it. Your receiving partner will thank you in kind for the best lower body massage of his/her life. Oh, and don't overdo the oil Magnus.

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