How To Give A Manicure Massage

You can learn how to give a manicure massage to yourself or to someone else with a little practice. A hand and arm massage can take up to ten or more minutes and releases tension in the muscles. It also gets the blood flowing and moisturizes dry, flaky skin. Nail salons often treat their customer's to a hand massage before giving them a manicure. Instead of paying for a massage, you can save some money by learning how to do it yourself.

To give a manicure massage, you will need:

  • Lotion
  • Microwave
  • Bowl
  • table
  1. Warm up the massage lotion by putting it in a microwave save bowl and placing it in the microwave for several seconds. You can use any lotion you like, but using a rich lotion will result in soft, moisturized skin. Don't overheat the lotion, aim for it to be lukewarm. If you don't have a microwave available, you can heat the lotion by placing a dollop in your hands and rubbing them together.
  2. Apply the lotion to the hand and forearm that you are going to massage. The warm lotion should feel good on the skin. You will massage one hand and arm at a time before moving on to the other arm and hand.
  3. Move the hand up and down by bending it at the wrist. The palm should be facing upward. You want to do this to make the wrist limber and flexible. Repeat the movement three times. Make the same movement with the fingers. Bend one finger up and down and when the finger bends down roll your thumb over it towards the fingertips. Repeat this for each finger.
  4. Place the elbow of the hand you are massaging on the table so that the hand is now upright and the palm is facing you. Use both your thumbs to massage the palm of the hand in a circular motion. The hand should now be fully relaxed. Take a finger by the fingertips and rotate it in large circles. Make sure the elbow is still resting on the table. Repeat the circular motion for the remaining fingers.
  5. Massage the wrist with a circular motion while holding the hand. Turn the wrist left and right so a wringing friction is created. Do this three more times.
  6. Hold one finger and pull the fingertip. Place the finger between your two fingers and apply pressure while massaging in an up and down motion. Repeat this on the remaining fingers. After completing all these steps on one hand, you can move to the other hand or you can continue with the arm massage first and switch hands after this.
  7. Massage the arm in small circular motions starting at the wrist while working your way down. The arm should be resting on a table with the palm facing upwards while this is done. Make sure to massage under the arm also. Don't just focus on the part of the arm that is facing you. You want to cover the entire arm. Apply sufficient pressure when massaging. Ask the person receiving the massage to tell you if they want you to add or lessen the pressure.
  8. Place the elbow in your hand and massage it. You are basically cupping the elbow. After repeating this several times, stroke the arm up and down followed by stroking of each individual finger. End by squeezing the fingertip gently. Repeat this on the other arm.

At all times during the massage, make sure to ask the receiver feedback and to apply more lotion if needed. The massage should not hurt the receiving party, it should feel good and relaxing.

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