How To Give A Mature Sensual Massage

Want to learn how to give a mature sensual massage? Massages are one of the most underutilized sensual bonding activities. Keep reading to learn the ten things you need to know about giving the perfect mature sensual massage.

  1. Set the mood. Turn the lights off, light candles, and put some soft music on in background. Make sure that you prepare an area for the massage to take place. If you don’t have a massage table you can do the massage on a towel on the bed, or on a blanket on the floor.
  2. Gather the items you’ll need for the massage. Make sure you have all the items you’ll need handy. If you’re massaging on the bed you can put everything on your night stand. A bottle of lotion or massage oil, a glass of water, a towel and any other tools you’ll need should be within arm’s reach.
  3. Make sure she’s comfortable. If you partner doesn’t feel comfortable nude, you can begin massaging her in a loose fitting tee shirt and shorts. If you pressure her to get nude before she’s ready you’ll ruin the mood. As things progress you can help her disrobe further.
  4. Use plenty of lotion. Make sure that your hands and her body are properly lubed. Dry hands on dry skin is not a pleasurable sensation. Lotion or massage oil will make your hands glide easily over her body.
  5. Start with her shoulders. A lot of tension is stored in the neck and shoulders. Start with those areas and work your way down her body. Don’t touch any of her erogenous zones until you’ve massaged the rest of her body.
  6. Experiment. Ask her what feels good and how she wants you to touch her. What you think would feel the best is often not what she likes the most. Have her guide your hands to the right spots.
  7. Tease her. Use a feather or the tips of your fingers to lightly trace around her most sensitive areas. Do not touch or rube those areas until the very end of the massage. The suspense of when you will begin touching them will make her excited and aroused.
  8. Hot and cold. Use an ice cube and self-heating gels to experiment with hot and cold sensations. Slowly rub the ice cube down her spine then blow down the trail of water. Different sensations will feel pleasurable to different partners. Make sure that you test the gel on her arm first to make sure that she isn’t allergic to the ingredients.
  9. Take turns massaging each other. One partner shouldn’t always do the massaging. Take turns massaging each other and using different techniques. Try using the heel of your hand, the tips of your fingers and your elbow to massage different areas of the body.
  10. Spice things up. Stop by your local intimates shop to buy a few new toys. There are many battery operated and manual massagers on the market. Try a few different brands of massage oil and experiment with different dress up items. A sexy new outfit might be put her in the mood for a mature sensual massage.
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