How To Give Naked Full Body Massage

To know how to give naked full body massage, there are a few simple tips to follow, along with much practice. Giving your partner a sensual rub down is a great way to show her that you care about her comfort and are willing to spend time working out her tension. It will result in you getting a lot back in return, and some nice intimate moments for you as a couple.

  1. Maintain a lot of body contact. If you want to give a great naked full body massage, keep a lot of contact with your partner. One of the benefits of being naked is that you can both enjoy not having your clothes on and enjoy the added sensitivity of skin-on-skin contact. Keeping that touch with your partner will make it even more pleasurable for her.
  2. Be generous with the oils. Oils and ointments and lotions help with naked full body massages because they reduce the friction between your hands and her body. As an added benefit, it gives her body a sexy sheen that you can enjoy. Keep the oils heated so they are slightly warm when you apply them, and look for oils that have particularly nice scents to them, especially something that might sooth her.
  3. Keep the environment pleasant. In general you want the environment to be very pleasant when giving a naked full body massage. The room you are in should be very warm, you should have many plush towels and a robe for her use, and you should of course have nice mood music on. Scented candles are always a big hit with women, and the lights should be dim. Keeping the environment comfortable and romantic will have her in the right frame of mind for her rubdown.
  4. Focus on her tension spots. There are certain spots on everyone where the tension builds up, including the shoulders and throughout the back. In your naked full body massage you should spend lots of time on these areas, slowly and deeply kneading out any knots. You should have your hands strong and rested for this, as you will be working them a lot for this massage.
  5. Happy endings aren’t just for guys. We all know that men will go so far as to pay for a special ending to their massages; you should not think that women don’t appreciate the same attention. As the naked full body massage winds down you can start to move closer to some of her special spots, rubbing her breasts and the insides of her thighs. Work your way further and further up her legs until you’ve reached your goal. Finish her massage with a vigorous rubbing of the spot that will give her the happiest ending of all.
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