How To Give A Naked Oil Massage

You may think you are a good masseuse, but have you every wondered how to give a naked oil massage? The benefits of an oil massage are many: it relieves pain, increases circulation, improves mental alertness, promotes deeper sleep and nourishes the entire body. Giving your partner a naked oil massage is not only rejuvenating, it also can be blissfully satisfying for both of you. Here is how to give a naked oil massage that will have leave them panting for more. 

Items needed to give a naked oil massage: 

  • Bed, table or hot tub
  • Wine (red, preferably)
  • Scented candles
  • Lowered lighting
  • Soft music Towels
  • Hair clip
  • Sage Lavender Oil
  1. Set the mood. Atmosphere is everything when it comes to knowing how to give a naked oil massage. Pour you both a full glass of room temperature wine, adjust the blinds and lower the lights; you want it semi-dark. Light your candles and turn on some nice, romantic music.
  2. Position your partner. By now, you both should have removed your clothes. If you are on a bed, spread a long towel lengthways. Have her lie down on her tummy, for now. Pull her hair off her face and neck. Oil massages tend to get messy; it’s difficult to get it out. Warm the oil. Heating up the oil helps greatly to relieve sore, stiff muscles as they absorb the oil. You can do this by either warming it on low heat on the stove or by holding it over your candle. Make sure it’s not too hot. Test it before applying it.
  3. Start at the shoulders. Gently straddle your partner on the top of the small of her back, with your knees on either side. Pour the oil into the palm of your hand and rub them together. Place your thumbs on the lower part of her shoulders and use your fingers to knead and rub the shoulders in a circular motion. Added bonus: this is an excellent time to lean in for a nice, hot kiss. Continue this part for as long as you wish.
  4. Massage the back. Scoot back so that you are straddling her butt. Every time you approach a different body part, add more oil for your naked oil massage where it is most effective. Use a smooth, gliding motion that encompasses the entire back. Try to resist the urge to let your fingers find their way to her breasts. Self-control can be achingly sexy.
  5. Continue down to the buttocks. Since you were so good as to not let your fingers to the walking, here is where you can start reaping the rewards. By now she should be moaning and singing your praises. Kneel diagonally alongside the length of her body. Fan your hands out after applying more warm oil, and follow the natural curve and roundness. Start to apply pressure from the low back all the way down to the upper part of the legs, then back up to the fleshy fullness areas. This is pure heaven for the recipient and guaranteed to relax and please.
  6. Focus on the feet. Many have yet to realize the potential possibilities of the feet. Knowing how to give a naked oil massage includes finding the nerve endings in the feet (and hands). This will stimulate your partner into a pool of provocative delight. Just the right amount of pressure on the soles of the feet can be surprisingly erotic.
  7. Time to flip. Time to eliminate all doubt who is the naked oil massage master. Turn her over and begin rubbing her abdomen in a clockwise, circular motion. Important: Don’t say a word, don’t smile, just hint at things to come with your eyes. You can take it from here.
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