How To Give An Oil Breast Massage

You might think you know how to give an oil breast massage. However, there might be some basic techniques that can help you make it even more sensual. Just using oil on your partner’s breasts can be enough to arouse and relax her. Pair it with the right motions, and you’ll be giving her the best oil breast massage she’s ever received.

To complete this task, you will need:

  • massage oil
  • clean sheets
  • candles
  1. Get set up. Set up the room for the oil breast massage by laying out a clean sheet that you don’t mind getting some oil on. You can also set the mood better by lighting a few candles. If you’re using scented oil, be sure the smell doesn’t clash with the smell of scented candles.
  2. Warm up your hands. Rub your hands together for a few seconds. Then, rub the oil for a few seconds to warm it up before putting it on your partner’s breasts.
  3. Use the right oil. Use scented oil if you can find a pleasing fragrance. However, if your partner has sensitive skin, opt for unscented. It could irritate her breasts. Be sure the oil is water-based if you plan to use a condom at any time.
  4. Start with softer movements. A softer massage technique will help out your partner at ease. Use the palm of your hand to massage her breast at first. Slow, circular motions will be very soothing. Then, move on to a slightly firmer grip, incorporating your fingers into the breast massage.
  5. Give the nipples some attention. Wait until the nipples get hard to touch them. Even then, use soft touches with your fingertips. Put more oil on your fingers if you need to. The area of your partner’s breast that surrounds the nipple is very sensitive, and you don’t need a lot of pressure to stimulate it.
  6. Show her you’re enjoying it. Make eye contact frequently during the oil breast massage to establish a connection. Tell her how sexy her breasts look or softly moan and breathe heavily. These are signs that you’re enjoying the oil breast massage as much as she is.


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