How To Give An Outdoor Massage

Learn how to give an outdoor massage to give your girlfriend an invigorating experience. Giving your girlfriend a massage outside is not like giving her a massage inside. You have to put a little extra effort in planning the perfect outdoor massage. The setting, temperature, atmosphere and scenery all play an important role in giving her a stimulating and unforgettable massage.

  1. Pick a secluded spot. Choose an area where there is no distractions from noise and no prying eyes. You want the person whom you are giving the massage to be comfortable being outside with nothing more on than just a towel.

  2. The massage should be given in pleasant weather. You will need to make provisions for the weather and different temperatures. Even though you will be outside, it still would be a good idea to be under a gazebo or canopy. If it’s raining, the sound of raindrops will make the massage more alluring. If you give her a massage during the heat of the day, have a little fan running to keep her cool. If you give her a massage when it’s chilly, have a heater nearby or an outdoor fire pit.

  3. An attractive view will make the massage more relaxing. You don’t have to go an exotic island to give her a memorable outdoor massage. She just would not get the memories you want if she is overlooking a garbage dump. Give her a pleasant and relaxing outdoor view when you start the massage. Once you get started, she want be tune into anything else but the stimulating massage.

  4. Soft music or the sounds of nature will make the massage more appealing. Unless you will already have real and tranquil sounds of nature around you, like the sounds of rushing water from a lake, you are set. If not, soft music playing in the background or a nature sounds machine will do the trick.

  5. Massage table is needed. The outdoor massage wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t have a padded massage table for her to loosen up and get comfortable on.

  6. Use heated massage stones and/or soothing massage oils. If you choose to use the stones, they are heated and positioned on the back in various places or straight down along the spine. You can add a little pressure to each stone for deep heat penetration. The massage oil should be poured on the hands and applied to the body.

  7. Decide what type of massage you will be giving her. Whether it’s a back massage or a full body massage, you want her to be dressed for the occasion. The best massage you can give her is a full body massage. Have her undress and wrap herself in a towel. Start with her shoulders and back and massage your way down to her legs.

An outdoor massage and being one with nature will heighten her senses. It will stimulate, invigorate and relax her in ways that a traditional indoor massage wouldn’t.

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