How To Give Pleasure

Are you wondering how to give pleasure to a female? Women love pleasure in all different forms. It don't always have to be in a sexual manner. Pleasing a female is the way to her heart. Once you learn the secrets to pleasuring women, you are going to be on easy street. Listed below are tips about how to give pleasure. Learning these things will help you win the woman of your dreams.

  1. Give pleasure with gestures. Pull out all the stops, give her a massage. Use her favorite lotion or an edible lotion for added pleasure. Massage every inch of her body from head to toe. This arrouses a woman to extremes.
  2. Give pleasure by kissing gently. Gently kiss her lips and move downward to her tender spot on the neck. She will love the added attention instead of jumping right into the sex. Women love foreplay and men need to realize this when trying to pleasure a woman.
  3. Pleasure her by pampering her. Give her what she wants, meaning her desires. If she wants to play a sexual game, go for it. If she wants to be tied down to the bed and a feather used to tickle her genitals, go for it. Not only will it arouse her, but it will arouse you too.
  4. Give pleasure by using your fingertips. Run your fingertips up and down her stomach, across her breasts and down again to her thighs and legs. She will tingle all over from this and you will reap the benefits sooner then you think.
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