How To Give A Retirement Speech

Wondering how to give a retirement speech? Almost every company deals with their employees retiring eventually so it is important to learn how to give a retirement speech, whether you or a colleague is the retiree. Preparing for the retirement speech ahead of time will make it much easier to give.

Decide on a tone for the speech. The tone is very important when you are thinking about how to give a retirement speech. Decide if you would like to give a humorous speech or a speech with a more serious tone. Decide the tone based on if you are giving the speech for yourself or for someone else. Bring up funny events that happened on the job that would not hurt anyone's feelings or be demeaning to anyone in any way.

Choose a theme. Every speech you make should have a theme and a retirement speech is no different. You may want to focus on the theme of teamwork, loyalty, determination, or whatever lead you or the retiree to a successful career.

Discuss stories of your time at the job. Express your memories of working with colleagues over the years or a big project that was completed. If you are giving a retirement speech for another colleague speak about working with them or how their aid helped create the accomplishments.

Describe career highlights. Whether you are giving a retirement speech based on your own retirement or someone else’s, it is good to communicate the significant aspects of the retiree’s career. Talk about the year you moved cross-country for the company, the promotion that meant the most to you, or how graduating from college set you on this career path.

Express hopes and wishes for the retiree and the company. Speak about how you hope the retirement is as great for the retiree as their career in the company and your wishes that the company will have continued success.

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