How To Give An Sensual Erotic Massage

Learning how to give a sensual erotic massage can be a great way to keep your partner feeling appreciated and fulfilled during a relationship. Massages are one of the best ways to relax for many people, and being given a sensual attending to by an intimate partner can just heighten the sensation. Remember there is a big difference between a simple massage and an erotic massage. A regular back or shoulder massage can be a good quick way to eliminate tension and relax a partner, but an erotic massage is a long and sensual experience with lots of touching and contact. Some materials that can help to make the experience more erotic could be some massage oils, candles, and sexy jazz music. Or heavy metal, depending on your taste.

  1. Make a Connection. Before you even start, make some sort of intimate connection with your partner. Whether looking directly and longingly into their eyes, or light kisses across their face. Whatever the most intimate thing you and your loved one do, make sure to do that. An erotic massage is more about how you both feel towards each other than it is about the touching itself.
  2. Just the tips. Begin by having your partner undress, or by undressing them yourself. Have them lay down on their stomach and begin to explore their body with light touches, teasing them with just your fingertips.
  3. A spoon full of oil. Use a tablespoon or two of the massage oil and rub it onto your hands evenly. As soon as its warm to the touch, run your partners back with long deep strokes.
  4. Connection 2: Electric Boogaloo. Stay in communication with your partner the entire time and make sure everything you do feels good for them. Find a steady rhythm that your partner enjoys, and graduate from short, light touching to deeper and longer strokes. Use your bodyweight instead of just your arm strength to give a firm and even massage.
  5. Putting the 'erotic' in erotic massage. Eventually, when your partner is at their most relaxed state, you might consider asking them to roll over onto their back. This is where you can lightly tease and rub their most sensitive areas. Try to incorporate touching or sensations that you know turn your partner on. The intricacies of the erotic part of an erotic massage will be different for each couple, but as long as you keep being intimate and sensual, it will work out to be pleasurable for both of you.
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