How To Give A Sensual Full Body Massage

If you really want to be a good lover, you need to know how to give a sensual full body massage. Nothing puts a woman more in the mood than being relaxed and pampered. Make your woman feel special and loved all over, and you will be amazed at how sensual it can be to pay attention to every part of your woman's body.

To give a sensual full body massage, you will need the following

  • Oil. There are many kinds of sexy scented massage oils on the market, but baby oil or even olive oil will do in a pinch.
  • Mood lighting. Candles are very romantic, but dimmed lights will work, too.
  • Quiet, private time. Unplug the phone, lock the doors, and by all means, turn off the television.
  • Sexy music is a good touch. Something soothing and soulful.


  1. Plan the setting. Dim the lights or light the candles. Warm the oil in a bowl of warm water.
  2. Get your lady comfortable on the massage table. Don't have one? No problem, use the bed, a bearskin rug, or whatever works for both of you.
  3. Don't start rubbing where you want to start rubbing. That's for later. Start with her feet and work your way slowly along the full length of her body.
  4. Knead the balls of her feet, her toes, her heels, and the tendons at her ankles. Use a firm touch after rubbing some oil in your hands. If she's just too ticklish, skip the feet and start at the ankles.
  5. Work your way up her legs, applying more oil to your hands as needed. Massage her calves and the backs of her thighs. Work your way slowly and sensuously. Don't get distracted as you massage her buttocks, paying special attention to the hollows near her hip sockets.
  6. Use your thumbs to massage both sides of her spine as you work your way up her back. If you are kneeling over her as you work your way up, don't get sidetracked. A sensual full body massage means the full body.  Ask for feedback if you aren't hearing reassuring groans of pleasure.
  7. Rub the knots out of her shoulders with your thumbs on the back and fingertips on the front of her shoulder muscles. Use your fingertips to rub up both sides of her neck up through the base of her skull. Rub her head slowly and gently, like you were shampooing her hair in slow motion.
  8. Massage her biceps and forearms as you work your way down to her hands. Put your thumb in the middle of her palm and massage while holding her hand. Roll her over to face you, give her a big kiss, and see what happens next.
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