How To Give A Sensual Massage To A Naked Woman

Want to how to give a sensual massage to a naked woman? Put two things she loves together (a massage and sexual fulfillment) and you will give her an arousing and erotic experience she will ever encounter. You don’t have to be a professional masseur to give her a sensual massage. The right mood, setting, music, candles and massage oil paired with a set of big, strong hands is pretty much all you will need to send her to ecstasy.

Things you'll need:

  • Massage oil
  • Candles
  • Mood music
  • Blindfold
  1. The preparation. These are things you will need to give her an unforgettable sensual massage: massage oil (preferably one that warms up as you rub or blow on it) and candles (the lights will need to be dimmed). She will be more receptive to your sensual massage if you have the room lit with candles and not bright lights. Put on soft soothing music or the sounds of nature to relax her. Add a bit of mystery and excitement to the massage by blindfolding her before leading her into the room. The anticipation of what you have in store for her will be very arousing.

  2. Setting the mood for sensual massage. Putting something soft and smooth on the bed that her body will just glide across will make the massage more sensual. Make sure she’s just wrapped in a towel or a rope for easy access when you lead her to the bed. Don’t have the room chilly, but at a pleasant temperature since she will be naked. You don’t want her covered in goosebumps because she’s colde ven though it won’t be long before her temperature rises.

  3. Where to start the sensual massage. Start from her neck. Since this is a sensual massage, don’t rush. Take your time; she will enjoy it more. Pour a little warming oil in your hands. Even though it will warm-up, don’t pour the oil directly on her because it may be a bit cold at first. Gently massage the back of her neck with your thumbs. Before moving down her back, caress and massage her shoulders and arms, then work your way back up the arms and back to the shoulders. Never take both hands off of her. You want her to continuously feel you giving her an arousing massage.

  4. Sensually massage the back. It might be time for a little more massage oil on your hands. Spread your fingers out and place a hand on each side of her back as you evenly glide down her back. You can also use the palms of your hands to massage her; just don’t apply to much pressure. Enhance her physical desires, not crack her back. You are about to work on her bottom half, so things are really about to get heated.

  5. Stimulate the bottom half of her naked body. Grab her butt with a little force and stroke it. You might hear her moan with pleasure and gratification as you slowly slide your hands between her legs. She might start to squirm as you sensually massage the inside of her thighs. Make sure to tease her as you move your hands up and down her thighs, each time getting closer to her secret garden. Don’t be surprised if you hear her whisper, “Don’t stop.” Make sure to massage both her legs and feet with your fingers open, but work your way back up between her thighs where she will be the hottest and want more attention.

After you are finish sensually massaging her naked body from top to bottom, she may be ready for you to flip her over and really make her beg for more of this very steamy and sensuous massage.

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