How To Give A Sensual Nude Massage

Knowing how to give a sensual nude massage isn't as hard as many people seem to think it is. A massage is a great way to help both partners relax before sex. Women often can't enjoy sex when they're feeling stressed, so massage is perfect foreplay to get her in the mood. You don't need to be a professional masseuse to give a sensual nude massage, just follow these simple tips.

  1. Create a relaxing environment for your sensual nude massage.  Choose a time when you know you'll have at least a half an hour of uninterrupted time. You might choose to throw a thick comforter and pillows on the floor, or you may decide to stay in bed – which ever is more comfortable for your partner. Put on some soft, non-intrusive music and light a few scented candles. You want everything to be as calming and soothing as you can create it.
  2. Use a good massage oil. Massage oil is not only for lubrication during your sensual nude massage, it also can help nourish the skin. Choose a natural oil like almond or grape seed oil for a base, and then add a few drops of lavender oil for a soothing aroma.
  3. Massage with a firm hand, but not too hard. Make sure to ask if the amount of pressure you're applying is comfortable. While many people start a massage at the neck and shoulders, starting with the feet and lower legs is a better idea. Getting the blood flowing through the lower extremities is a great way to help the body relax. Work your way up the legs, buttocks and back. Take your time and enjoy the feeling of your partners body beneath your hands. Don't forget to massage the arms and hands too.



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