How To Give A Sensual Sexual Massage

Learning how to give a sensual sexual massage will help you arouse your partner and makes for excellent foreplay. You should start out sensual, and then as your partner becomes more aroused, you can switch to a sexual massage. Ultimately, your sensual sexual massage should lead to amazing sex.

  1. Get the room ready. Make sure the room sets the sensual mood. The lights should be dim, and you should have some scented candles burning. Also, change the sheets and have a pillow ready for your partner to rest her head on during the sensual sexual massage.
  2. Get your partner ready. Lay your partner out on the bed. Start the massage with her lying face down. She can take her clothes off beforehand, but it will make the massage more sexual if you help her out.
  3. Start with light strokes. Lightly rub her body all over, focusing on her thighs, butt and back. These are the more sensual areas. As the massage progresses, rub these areas a little harder to help relieve tension and stress. This will get her very relaxed and ready for the sexual part of the massage.
  4. Move onto more sensitive areas. Flip your partner over and again run her thighs, but this time, focus on the inner thighs for a more sensual massage. Be sure to move her vaginal lips as you rub her thighs. This will stimulate the clitoris and get her aroused. Run your hands lightly over her hips and abdomen. Massage her breasts by palming them and rubbing in a circular motion. Use your fingertips to massage the sensitive area around her nipples.
  5. Get sexual. Move back down to her thighs and move her legs apart. Spread her vaginal lips slightly and lightly move your finger from the base of the vagina up to just below her clit. If she feels wet, then you know she’s ready for the sexual part of this sensual massage.
  6. Bring your partner to orgasm. Use one or two fingers to make light circles around her clit to start off the sexual massage. Some women don’t like the clit touched directly. Use her physical cues to guide you. Continue the circular motions, periodically moving back to the base of her vagina for more lubrication. Eventually, switch up the movement to quick back and forth motions. Slowly gain speed until you’re moving very quickly. The consistent, rhythmic movement will help her reach orgasm during the sexual part of the massage.
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