How To Give A Sexy Back Massage

Knowing how to give a sexy back massage can win you big points with the ladies. It's also a good way to connect with someone special and show you care. Learning how to do this type of massage isn't difficult, it just takes patience and creativity to get it right.

Things you'll need:

  • Candles
  • Mood music
  • Massage oils
  • Lotion
  • Massage table
  1. Set the scene. Soft candlelight and quiet mood music will get a sexy back massage off to a good start. There are a variety of oils an lotions you can use. Some are scented, some are flavored and some actually warm up when applied to skin. Make sure you will have plenty of time and no interruptions. Turn off the television and cell phones.
  2. The person on the receiving end of the massage should be lying on her stomach on a massage table, bed or the floor with her shirt and bra off or unclasped. Make sure the room is warm enough that she's comfortable. If she has long hair, ask her to tie it up to get it out of the way and keep it from getting tangled. Starting at the back of neck, use your fingertips to lightly rub the back and sides of neck from the hairline down to where the neck and shoulders meet.
  3. Spend time on the tops of shoulders, as stress has a tendency to gather in this area. Use your thumbs to work into tight muscles, then move down to the shoulder blades and back. Use long, smooth strokes over the length of back, applying oil liberally as you go. You can use your thumbs and fingertips to work into knots in the shoulders, but go easy. Remember this is supposed to get her in the mood; it should not hurt.
  4. After working the low back, ask if it's okay to move down and work the upper buttocks area. The muscles here tend to be tight, as they are used for walking, standing and almost everything else you do. Work the area where the jeans and shirt would meet thoroughly with fingertips. Try not to talk too much while giving a sexy massage, as you want her to have time to relax and think about how good it feels and how awesome you are with your hands. A good sexy massage should take about a half hour. Any longer and she might get too relaxed and fall sleep, which is probably not the reaction that you're after.
  5. Take a towel and blot her back when the massage is over to soak up excess oil. This is a nice touch for showing you care.

Giving a sexy massage is fun and easy to do. Remember to pay attention to cues that you're doing it right.

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