How To Give A Sexy Foot Massage

You know that massages are a great way to arouse your partner, so you want to how to give a sexy foot massage. Make your partner feel in heaven with a sensual foot massage that provides a therapeutic outlet to stress. Read below for tips for guidance.

Items Needed:

  • Towel
  • Bucket
  • Bubble Bath
  • Soap
  • Massage Gel or Lotion
  1. Set the tone. Dim the lights, light a candle or play some music. Think of this as any other erotic form of pleasure, where you have to get your partner in the mood.
  2. Clean your partner's feet. Soaking her feet in a bucket of warm water for about ten minutes and, if you wish, add scented bubbles and bath salts to make it more relaxing. Clean the feet with a bar of soap and, while you a scrubbing, caress your partner's feet in a sensual way. Properly cleaning your partner's feet prior to delving in this sexual adventure is crucial.
  3. Prepare for the foot massage. Dry feet with towel and apply lotion to hands. Rub your partner's entire foot, applying it with lotion.
  4. Make your partner feel like they are in heaven by implementing different foot massage techniques. Glide your thumb from the heel all the way to the top of her foot. Repeat several times. Squeeze the heels, apply firm pressure using the thumbs at the arch of the foot, squeeze each toe one by one and glide your index finger in between each toe. Squeeze the ankles using your two fingers, and if your partner is not ticklish, softly caress the back of her feet just using the tips of your fingers.
  5. Get ready to get sexy. Foot massages alone are sexy and erotic having that it is a erogenous zone, a part of the body that stimulates sexual arousal. But if you really want to be naughty after giving her a proper massage, then you can whip out your man tools. Lick each toe one by one as you caress them at the same time.

Hopefully, your foot massages never end with the foot massage. The good part about foot massages is that they are easier than back massages and less consuming than full body massages. If you do this right, both you and your partner will be satisfied with the results.

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