How To Give A Sexy Full Body Massage

Understanding how to give a sexy full body massage can help get both you and your partner in the mood. However, it’s not just about sex. It’s about establishing a connection with your partner. This connection will increase her desire and make the sexy full body massage much more pleasurable.

  1. Lay her out face down. The sexy full body massage should start with your partner laid out on the bed face down. At this point, she should have her clothes on. Help her relax by running your hands gently along her body and telling her how sexy her whole body looks.
  2. Take off her clothes. Slowly undress her one item of clothing at a time. As you do so, start the sexy full body massage by rubbing your hands over each body part as you expose it.
  3. Start all over. Rub from her shoulders down to her feet. At this point, avoid the sexy part of the massage and just focus on releasing the tension all over her body. Switch back and forth between your palms and fingers to help keep you from getting tired before you’ve massaged her full body.
  4. Focus on sexy zones. Switch the focus of the full body massage to her more sexy areas. This includes her lower back, butt and thighs. Pay special attention to her inner thighs for a more sexy massage. As you rub her inner thighs, her vaginal lips will part slightly. This gives you a great view, and it will indirectly stimulate her clitoris. To make the massage even sexier, describe what you’re seeing to her and why it arouses you.
  5. Flip her over and start the process again. Once you flip your partner over, start by rubbing her whole body right down to her feet again. Then, focus on her hot spots, including her breasts, hips and inner thighs to make the full body massage more sexy. Make eye contact with her regularly and compliment her body. Your partner may feel more uneasy in this exposed position.
  6. Stimulate more directly. To heat up this sexy full body massage, place your palm over her vaginal lips. Gently part them with your finger and feel the base of her vagina. If she’s wet, use that lubrication to rub up toward her clit. Don’t stimulate it directly. Continue to rub all around this region, and eventually, your sexy full body massage is likely to turn into sex.
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