How To Give A Shiatsu Back Massage

In order to get closer to your partner, you're going to need to learn how to give a shiatsu back massage. A Japanese massage technique involving using the body's chi to heal physical ailments, shiatsu is a fantastic way to increase the intimacy with your partner while helping her relax.

To learn how to give a shiatsu back massage, you will need:

  • A flat surface, such as a massage bed
  • Towels to cover the massage area
  • A pillow for your partner's head
  • Massage oils


  1. Have your partner lie face down on the massage bed. You want to ensure that she is as comfortable as possible. Though a shiatsu back massage is a sure-fire way to make her relax, you want to be certain that she is at ease going into it. Play some music, light some candles, and generally set the mood for her to feel calm.
  2. Rub your hands together with the oil, then start on her neck and shoulder area. Working your palms and thumbs in a circular motion, knead the skin without pinching it. Alternate the motions going up and down for ten minutes and be certain to only use light pressure.
  3. Using your fingers and palms, slide down to her back and arms. Again, work in circular motions, this time for fifteen minutes. Keep light pressure while kneading the skin. Reapply the massage oils as necessary.

Learning how to give a shiatsu back massage is one of the simplest and most intimate ways to help your partner relax and feel comfortable in her own body.

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