How To Give A Shiatsu Foot Massage

This article will teach you how to give a Shiatsu foot massage. Shiatsu is a Japanese massage that deals with the different pressure points in the body. Many of these pressure points are in your feet, making a foot massage a great introduction to Shiatsu.

Things you will need to give a Shiatsu foot massage:

  • Someone willing to let you rub their feet
  • Massage table or mat
  • A diagram of the pressure points in the foot (Optional)


  1. It would be helpful to first review a diagram of the pressure points in the foot. One is included in the resources section at the end of this article. You can also find one by searching online.
  2. Have the person lie down on the mat or massage table. They should lie on their stomach with their feet near you. Check to make sure they are comfortable.
  3. Start by gently rubbing the foot. This will warm up the skin and prepare the foot for a Shiatsu massage.
  4. Hold the foot in your right hand and press on it with your left. Take slow deep breaths.
  5. Raise the foot a little to make it easier to work with. Carefully determine the center line of the foot. It runs from the toes to the hill. Start pressing down the center line. This is done easiest by continuing to hold the foot in one hand, while pressing with your other hand.
  6. Next, make slow circular motions. Do this first towards the right and then towards the left.
  7. Press from the center line outward to stretch the foot. This helps loosen any remaining tension.
  8. Now, lay the foot back on the mat or table. Remember to stretch your fingers so as not to get a cramp. Repeat these steps with the next foot.



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